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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Childeren's Day Event Round Up

Its been three months since I asked to you guys to celebrate with me "The Childeren's Day Event." Thank you all for a good response to this event. I should have posted this round-up much earlier. I have gone on to explain reasons for not being regular blogger in past three months, so won't go in details again. Lets just say, there were some unavoidable personal circumstances.

Actually, I started this round-up on 14th Feb, and I think its only appropriate because of connection between 14th Feb and 14th Nov. wink, wink :) Without further ado, lets get to round-up as I received some mouth-watering recipes which made me feel like a kid again:

Chocolate Domino's by Shibani from Any One Can Cook

I am big fan of chocolate, so I loved this recipe but to top it off, there were M&Ms. It made the cake look very colorful.

Vella Payaru by Jayashree from My experiments with food send

Vella Payaru is a completely new recipe for me but its unique in its own way because of combination of black eyed beans and jaggery and I haven't heard jaggery being used with beans before. I'd love to try this some time.

Microwave Desi style mac and cheese by Cham from Spiceclub

Who doesn't love Mac & Cheese, kid or not?? To top it off, its a desi style and made in microwave, hassle free, just love it..

Eggless Chocolate Cherry Muffins by Priya from Priya's Easy N Tasty recipes

Looking at the photo makes me wonder, how fluffy the cake muffin turned out to be and its eggless, which is like 'sone pe suhaga'!! This serves the cliché "cherry on the cake" perfectly!!

Banana Almond Vegan Cookies by Priya from Priya's Easy N Tasty recipes

I am not a vegan myself and actually enjoy food made out of milk or milk products, but this vegan cookie makes me think, it must be nice to be vegan as well. Cookies look beautiful and tasty. This is also second tasty entry from Priya.

Paneer Roll by Purva From Purva's Daawat

Paneer Roll from Purva reminds me of Paneer Kati Kabab, a very popular item in Artesia, California's Gujju restaurants. I can see kids drooling over these paneer rolls after their playing time in the evening.

Creamy Strawberry and Apple Drizzle by Purva From Purva's Daawat

The second entry from Purva comes in a form of Creamy strawberry and apple drizzle, which looks very tasty and a perfect dish for kids of any age. A great sweet and sour combination.

Apple-Paneer Toasts by Chandni from Chai's Corner

I have to admit, I have never heard of Apple Paneer toast. Looks like a great Indian reply to the French Toast. Chandni, invite me to enjoy this with you!!!!

Til/Tal ni Chikki by Gopi fron Health N Taste

This is my favorite Utrayan (Kite-Flying Day) snack/sweet. Gopi, thanks for reminding me of all the terrace activities from that day. A sort of classic item for which kids wait for days preceeding Utrayan.

Sweet Sooji Matri/Cookies by Archana from Archy's Recipe Book

Once again a recipe for the cookies which makes me crave for a glass of milk to dip the cookie and enjoy. I am sure sooji makes this cookies extra crisp, just the way I like it. I am sure to try this.

Cranberry Bread with Pureed Fruit by Uma from Essence Of Andhra

I happened to love cranberries and fruits. The color of the bread makes it even more appealing. I am sure the taste is equally good.

Chocolate-Banana Delight by Uma from Essence Of Andhra

This is a great twist to a hearty, tasty chololate drink. It also very easy to make and not time consuming at all. I have made chocolate drinks before but never thought combining it with banana. Looks very good, Uma!

Pumpkin Cupcakes by Uma from Essence Of Andhra

This is the third colorful entry from Uma. The cupcakes look wonderful. I feel if the lady from the following ad followed your recipe, she would have got it right the first time without using Pam!!! :)

Eggless Chocolate Cake by by Ruchi

This is one more chocolate cake which is eggless, which is very healthy and a good choice for vegans. You also don't have to worry about cholesterol!!!A Great Entry!!!

Blackberry Smoothie by Divya From Dil Se

I love the combination of blackberry and dates in this smoothie. Lovely colour, easy to make, and I am sure tasty as well.

Fruit Cake by Divya From Dil Se

Second entry from Divya.This fruit cake looks delicious, and scrumptious. This is the must try recipe. I am practically your neighbor now, let's meet up sometime with this cake :))

Apple Fritters by Suma from Suma's Cuisine

Last but not the least, this apple fritters (bhajjis) look yummy. In Gujarat, they have this banana fritters but I have never heard or think of making fritters with apple and this looks equally tasty.

To sum it up, I have to admit these recipes are very creative. I had as much great time reading these as you guys must had making them. We now have wonderful and different collections of these great dishes that kids, small and big alike, would just love. I'll post the ones which I try later!! A good event for all. Thank you for participating!!!!!